The renown Babine River, a Steelhead and Trout fishing paradise!

The renown Babine River, a Steelhead and Trout fishing paradise!


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A Norlakes Legacy...

Where it all original, wilderness tourism dream, a place haunted with memories.  So why not write about it...describe what it was like when I arrived in 1986...a newly landed immigrant from Oregon...not really knowing what a jewel, a world class jewel Babine was that would transform a banker into a driven steward, guide, father and husband in a wilderness setting beyond compare.  People often ask me what it was like and how did I end up buying a remote fishing lodge.  And so this book gives a bit of history, stewardship comment, but mostly fun, fishing and friendship stories about a truly famous river and watershed.  Steelhead angling and the Babine are legend...and for the record this book is a memoir of that.

Choose my new book or the original Babine book, and proceed to checkout with your choice of payment.  Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy the read , share it with your friends, family and diseased anglers like myself.  We live in uncertain times.  It is so important to remember what it was like, and strive to save and restore the legacy if that is possible.  The torch needs to be passed and it could start with a book like this. So, enjoy letting your imagination and personal angling memories inspire you to live the dream once again through these new and older books.


New Babine River Song by Carl McLaughlin

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